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Yorkshire Weather Webcam.
Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.

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The Yorkshire Webcam is powered by a Sony HandyCam connected to a stand-alone PC with a Hauppauge USB-Live video capture cable.  Located at W 1.989 19  N 53.71064 it points south and uploads a new photograph to the internet every 60 seconds.

Weather Station

The Weather Station is a wireless LaCrosse Professional weather station connected to the WeatherDisplay and WeatherDisplayLive software.  Data is transmitted to the computer every 15 seconds and constantly uploaded to the internet.

About the Yorkshire Weather Webcam
Location: W 1.989 19  N 53.71064 Cragg Vale, West Yorkshire, UK


Introduction: I have been a web site designer since 1996, and have always aimed to use good technology to its best advantage.  That doesn't mean that I buy every new gadget and gizmo that comes onto the market, on the contrary, I have learnt that today's latest gadget is often tomorrow's 99p bargain on eBay!

Web Sites:  I apply the same thinking to my web sites, avoiding senseless bells and whistles and sticking to the point - a successful web site has to look good and be functional.  If you are thinking of having a new web site, or an old one re-designed, I would love to hear from you!  Please take a look at my work at and get in touch.

Webcam: In 1996 I started uploading webcam pictures to the internet.  The modem was slow, and internet access expensive, so the pictures were uploaded once a day.  As the technology improved I was able to upload the images more often, and soon we were having thousands of hits a day!  Now, if the webcam has a glitch and goes offline, I get emails from disappointed webcam watchers from around the world...

Weather: The weather reports from Leeds and Manchester simply do not cover our village, Cragg Vale, high in the Pennines.  Curious to know what the wind speed actually was, and how much rainfall we had "enjoyed", I decided to buy a professional weather station and record the data.

It wasn't long before I had the idea of broadcasting it on the internet, so in August 2003 I bought the WeatherDisplay software and went live with the Cragg Vale Experimental Weather Station, and the rest is history!

Disclaimer: Cragg Vale Experimental Weather Station is an amateur weather station and must not be used for any purpose other than entertainment.  No weather data produced by Cragg Vale amateur weather station should be used for decision making of any kind.

The Yorkshire Weather Webcam at Cragg Vale Hebden Bridge is a privately-owned Weather Station and the owners do not make any claims as to the accuracy of the information collected by the Yorkshire Weather Station or Webcam.